Having watched this planet and its species evolve over the last 350 million years, Cthulhu remains in the unique position to observe the human animal’s true impact upon the environment, which is ultimately zero.

In the short term, pollutants and toxins manufactured by humans and other animals will lead to surfacelevel effects upon the planet and its atmosphere; however, as certainly as the industrialisation of humanity since the nineteenth century has altered chemistries and moved rivers and mountains throughout the world, Mankind’s effects upon nature will evaporate quickly following the extinction of the human race. As new species evolve to fill the void once occupied by humans, suited by their evolutionary natures to thrive upon whatever sort of planet they inherit, any lingering presence of twenty-first-century activity will be appreciated by those animals fit to survive within the future world.

Speaking recently on the topic, Cthulhu has stated that: ‘When I first came to Earth, early in the Carboniferous Period, everything was nitrogen; oxygen was the new toxin—corrosive, explosive, and poisonous to most living things. If only the Powers That Were had seen fit to limit its production—to soften their oxygen footprint….

‘I refuse to entertain any intentions, now, to limit the manufacture of today’s pejoratively described pollutants; species alive today already rely upon them, and I see no benefit in denying them the chance to thrive.’