On its own, economy is a big word which has nothing at all to do with money, or currency, or pricetags.

Economy is simply the availability of resources, allocated according to fungibility. In the modern world, these resources are valued and traded via a standard of commerce: supply and demand influence the price of an object, or a concept; that price is described in units of fiat currency, fluctuating as supply and demand rise and fall throughout the day, year, or millennium.

Today, the availability of a given resource balances in relation to its dollar value, its price increasing in times of scarcity and dropping in times of abundance; varying demand for the resource hastens the fluctuation.

This is all academic. And yet there are those who don’t appear to understand the basic paradigm.

To complicate matters, America enjoys a free market economy in which a given supplier of a given resource can elect to trade that resource at a lower profit margin, or even at a loss, often forcing other suppliers to follow suit if they intend to remain competitive; this is, simply, the nature of the economy in America and throughout the free world.

While resources remain finite, regardless the total number of suppliers, those resources will maintain a value—specifically, whatever the purchasers will pay for them. Whether a given resource is oil, medicine, or a smartphone, its value and by implication price will be determined by its availability, demand, and profit margin.

Supply and demand, and profit and loss, must maintain a balance—not to preserve the system, which is selfsustaining, but to preserve its participants. And, to date, America hasn’t been playing fair.

Notoriously, the National Debt is measured in the trillions of dollars. That is to say that, functionally, America is bankrupt and still owes trillions to its lenders. If you have ten people, and eat twenty-four of them, you’re left with negative fourteen people; you’ve got to acquire fourteen new people, just to get back up to zero. Metaphorically enough, this is the position in which America finds itself.

Fortunately, the solution is simple.

Recently, America’s credit rating has been denigrated from AAA to AA+, with little to no adverse effect. Cthulhu pledges to push the boundaries: abolishing the debt ceiling and daring America’s lenders to attempt to foreclose. And then simply eat them.